Safety and security


There’s a lot to like about the Camdenton School District, from our awesome students, teachers, and facilities to our extracurricular activities. Sadly, our employment background process, and upper-level school leadership isn’t one of them.

During my years serving our local communities as a Peace Officer (Law Enforcement}. I attended numerous training events all around the country. One of the most valuable training schools I attended was an employment background investigation class created by the Dallas Police Department. I quickly implemented the knowledge I had acquired which proved to be very valuable in employment hiring or rejecting potential new hires.

Like you, I was shocked and upset hearing the news of the Janitor who was arrested for Masturbating in the presence of little children on Camdenton school grounds. This janitor had previously been accused of similar conduct prior to being hired by our district.

It appears our district utilizes a third party to administer our employment background investigations which are really nothing more than very basic FBI criminal history searches. I fully understand that our district hires a vast number of new employees every year. However, contracting our entire background investigation process to a third party is a terribly bad idea, and one that would have never been considered after attending proper training.

A proper employment background investigation takes time, and a considerable amount of due diligence. It also requires a trained person who understands what methods to employ to ascertain the truth.

When you consider the safety of our staff, teachers, and our precious children, we should commit to strengthening our process by bringing a portion of it in-house. We should develop a methodical approach going forward that starts with a lengthy personal history statement included with the employment application. This is one of the goals I have to improve the school district and safety for all employees and students.

Our hiring process should be so strong, so powerful, and so successful as to prevent the perverts of the world from coming anywhere near our children. When elected I plan to persuade my fellow board members into implementing a far superior employment background process.

Our children are a blessing from Almighty God. We must do everything possible to protect them from predators. Together we can fix these issues and build upon the strength of our great community. Vote Matt Burns for Camdenton School Board April 5th 2022.