Protect our children

Restore public trust


Last year, the school board voted with careless speed to mask our children, and to quarantine (asymptomatic) students without symptoms.

As an elected representative body, the school board should strive to be in sync with the values of the community. This did not happen last year. The school board, like all elected governments, must defend the Constitutionally protected rights of all students, staff, and teachers.

The framers of our system of government clearly stated that the people’s rights are intrinsic and come from Almighty God, not from any form of government. Public institutions are created to secure those rights first and foremost. Decisions which go against deeply held religious beliefs, or medical conscience, are abhorrent in a free society.

This is a community which prides itself on remaining open and free. The school system should be a reflection of that thinking. The community rejected this overreach by our Democrat board members in the last election by electing covid protocol optional candidates.

Nearly a thousand students fell behind during the quarantining of 2020-2021. This is evidence that in person learning is by far the best method. We must do everything within our abilities to ensure students remain in the classrooms. Secondary quarantining is not supported by board policy, and it strains credulity to suggest otherwise.

We can only restore the public trust by engaging in two-way communication with parents, and by actually listening to their input instead of ignoring it. Parental rights will always be respected, and honored by me.