Elections matter


Every year, the elected school board is charged with recruiting and appointing new employee’s, including administrators. This school board election is far more important than those of the past.

This is your last chance to reform the school board by replacing the board’s far-left Liberal members. The question you must ask is this. Who do you want interviewing, and appointing the next administrators?

Do you want career bureaucrats who always side with the public institution over the community and your family? Or, do you prefer someone who has deep roots in the community, someone who shares your Conservative Ozark values?

I will never vote to appoint someone who places the institutions of government above the concerns of parents, taxpayers, students, staff, and teachers.

Future school board members will likely shape the Camdenton School District for the next 20 years. Can you really trust people who have already demonstrated they will ignore the will of parents, and force their political beliefs upon your children under the guise of safety?