A little bit about me


I’m married with two amazing children. My son graduated from Camdenton and is currently in college. My daughter is in 3rd grade and growing up too fast for her daddy.

My wife is an amazing person who has dedicated a huge amount of her adult life to the health care of others working as a Registered Nurse. I attend the First Baptist Church in Camdenton; I also attend political events around the lake and state.

I grew up in a single wide mobile home with 3 older sisters and 1 brother. Although we lived a modest lifestyle, we were blessed with the loving hands of two hard working parents who instilled valuable life skills. In the winter when not fixing frozen plumbing pipes we would cut firewood to keep ourselves warm.

We would also cut firewood to sell door to door in Kansas City stopping half way back home to load our truck with hay for my father’s cattle. Once you’ve carried a cord of wood up several flights of stairs an armful at a time you soon realize the value of a hard-earned dollar.

In the summer time when not playing sports I would help my father construct concrete rock retaining walls all around the lake. This is hard physical work that tests the limits of both your body and mind. My mother and father often faced hard times in life, but they never ever gave up… and neither do I.

Currently I work in the property disaster restoration field negotiating large complex claims. I help customers as a construction and restoration claims advocate. I am also a current Licensed Texas All-Lines Adjuster. I have successfully developed continuing education training for Agents and Adjusters.

I have additional experience in the following areas which blends my public and private sector skills effectively. I believe my life experience equips me to move past traditional thinking and look for solutions not readily noticeable, but available.


Public and Private Sector Accomplishments

  • IICRC Water Damage Restoration, IICRC Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration, IICRC Applied Structural Drying.
  • On air radio talent for 89.3fm KEYK, providing political analysis. Local public speaker at school board meetings and private events, publicly advocated against forced masking of our children.
  • Completed Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership training, political and campaign strategist.
  • American Society of Home Inspectors, trained home inspector.
  • FBI Hostage Negotiator training. Missouri Police Chiefs Drug Impairment training, Law Enforcement Training Safety Council, Incident Command System training, Managing Frustration and Angry Behaviors training. Hospice and Unattended Death Investigation training, Missouri Coroner and Medical Examiners Association Death Investigation training.
  • Thirteen years of Law Enforcement Experience with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office, Camdenton, and Linn Creek. Management and labor law training. Ethics, Bias and the Law training. Leadership Adaptation in Governmental Organizations, Racial Sensitivity training, Countering ISIS training. Human Resources training for Political Subdivisions.
  • A Sandy Hook Initiative training (Missouri Police Chiefs Association). Former Missouri Police Chiefs Association member. Graduated from the University of Columbia’s Law Enforcement Training Institute
  • Reid Interview and Interrogation. How to recognize signs of Domestic Abuse training. Firearms instructor, Racial Profile Instructor, Crime scene investigator.
  • Hwy Patrol Crime Scene Investigator school, High risk traffic stop training. Lawful search and seizure training. Completed employment background investigator school created by the Dallas Police Department.
  • Implemented the first ever body-worn camera program in Lake of the Ozarks. Implemented the first ever electronic records management system in Linn Creek, migrating the Police Department from PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Created the first electronic searchable policy and procedure manual updated with modern police practices in Linn Creek. Active shooter training conducted by MSHP. Drug Identification and Enforcement training, Methamphetamine Lab Investigation training