Matt Burns

Conservative for Camdenton School Board

Say no to Cancel Culture and Critical Race Theory

We need proven Conservative Leaders on the Camdenton School Board who will stop the cancel culture in its tracks. We need local parents who will not allow pernicious ideologies or agendas to indoctrinate our children…

Protect Our Children, Restore Public Trust

Conservative candidate for school board. Deep roots in the community. The Burns family presence in this area goes back to the 1800’s. I’m a father of a current Camdenton student and recent Camdenton graduate. Former law enforcement. Proven defender of our God given freedoms and liberties.

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The Scores

Our scores are the lowest in the region and continue to decline year after year.  This is not the fault of our teachers…

The Debt

Our debt is unprecedented and has resulted in classrooms that are overfilled.  Long admired programs are being cut…

The Security

Several lawsuits are ongoing and safety issues have recently come to light that put our kids and staff at risk…

The Values

Conservative values are being censored by biased media platforms that have infiltrated the classroom…


“I wholeheartedly endorse Matt Burns for election to the Camdenton, Missouri School Board…”
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General Michael T. Flynn

“Matt – Thank you for sharing of your time, ideas, and plans with us. Gary and I think you will be a fabulous school board member.”

Senator Jane Cunningham

“I have been on the board for 8 months. This is an actively working role. Matt Burns is the only candidate that I know that has worked actively to address the concerns facing the district. I know he will put in the work the board needs. Do not vote for lame ducks.”

Gail Griswold

School Board President

“I was very happy to hear Matt was planning on running for the Camdenton R-III School Board. I have known Matt for a short time, but am convinced he will be an asset to the school. Matt is very driven, passionate, intelligent, and well versed. His values align with our community and his character is beyond reproach.”

Brian Butts

School Board Treasurer